8 months ago
💜🍭Good morning sweeties🍭💜(12.01.2017)~ Is anyone feeling nostalgic this Thursday? . 🌹😊Oooh my favourite Instagram day. I've got another date with the library. I'll hand out more CV's and apply for more jobs. I love keeping myself productive, you darlings know me. I've missed McDonald's breakfast times 😂🍳🥚🍞Next time Jelly. Today's Q and A question is "What's your favourite accessory?". Such random questions 😂🌈👑🐬 . 🌸💖💘A throwback to the one time Jelly wore head to toe PINK. I modelled for @lnsearslolita. It was such a privilege. I was so grateful to be chosen. Being a model makes me feel confident. I'm definitely looking at getting back into it this year😍🔥🦄 . ❤️✨Have a beautiful day. You can do this survivors. Did you know you were gorgeous? Well I'm letting you know now. 💁🏿Much love Jelly xxx